Protect your hair from the sun this summer

Summer is here and the sun is shining brightly. But did you know that the sun's ultraviolet rays can not only damage your skin, but also your hair? They can make it dry, brittle and even cause it to turn yellow. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect and care for your hair during the summer months. Read on to discover effective tricks and products to help you maintain healthy and radiant hair in the sun.

During the summer we spend more time outdoors, sweating and swimming, which can make our hair extra vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun. The ultraviolet rays can weaken the hair and lead to dryness, brittleness and even a yellowish tint. In addition, it is common that we may not take as good care of our hair during the holidays. But don't worry, there are ways to protect and care for your hair to avoid looking like a parched rice bush at the end of summer.

One of the most important measures to protect your hair from sun damage is to use sunscreens specifically designed for hair. Products such as Flexi Spray and Color Protector can provide effective protection for both the hair and the scalp. Be sure to use these products liberally and apply them regularly, especially when staying outdoors for extended periods. Flexi Spray is particularly handy to carry with you and spray on your hair several times a day to reinforce protection.

To keep your hair strong and moisturized during the summer, it is important to use hair treatments regularly. Products like Balancing Cure and Flexi Spray can give your hair the strength and moisture it needs when the sun's rays are at their strongest. Before choosing a regimen, we recommend that you visit your hairdresser for a hair test to find the regimen that best suits your hair and its specific needs.

When you bathe, it is important to be extra careful with your hair. Hair is very sensitive when wet, so be sure to comb it gently and avoid subjecting it to unnecessary wear and tear. Also, avoid walking around with wet hair, as this can increase the risk of damage. Instead, use a gentle blow-dry on low heat to

dry the hair. This helps to avoid hair becoming weak and brittle after bathing. Also avoid excessive use of heating tools during the summer. If you want to style your hair, be sure to use a heat protection spray to minimize heat damage.

Protecting your hair from the damaging effects of the sun is essential to maintaining its health and shine during the summer. By using sunscreens specially designed for hair, regularly applying moisturizing treatments and being careful with wet hair, you can reduce the risk of damage and maintain beautiful and healthy hair. Remember to consult your stylist for customized recommendations and hair tests to find the best products and routines for your specific hair. So take care of your hair in the sun and enjoy a glorious summer with beautiful and well-kept hair!

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